Other tourism statistics

To provide a further picture of tourism supply NISRA run monthly occupancy surveys of Guest Houses, Bed & Breakfasts and Guest Accommodation; and annual surveys regarding the occupancy of Self Catering establishments and visits to Visitor Attractions in Northern Ireland. 

Response rates to these occupancy surveys can be low. Collection methods for the estimated number of visits in the Visitor Attraction Survey differ - more information can be found in the Visitor Attraction Survey satellite report.

Results from these surveys are classed as Official Statistics and do not have National Statistics Status, further information on Official Statistics can be found on the NISRA website

Tourism data is derived from a variety of sources. The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant effect on these sources. The COVID-19 and the production of statistics page details the effect on NISRA statistics overall and the Impact of COVID-19 on Northern Ireland tourism statistics addresses specific issues with sources normally used in tourism publications.  NISRA will continue to publish as much data as possible and will explore other indicators if the original source is affected.  In absence of our regular publication we will produce an alternative source publication containing a wide range of tourism related statistics produced by both NISRA and other sources at Northern Ireland alternative source statistics up to 7 October 2021

Northern Ireland visitor attraction survey

Latest publication

The latest annual visitor attraction survey publications can be accessed below.

Small Service Accommodation occupancy survey


Annual publication

The latest annual Northern Ireland Small service (formerly guesthouse, bed & breakfast and guest accommodation) occupancy statistics can be accessed below.

Monthly publication

The latest monthly guesthouse, bed & breakfast and guest accommodation occupancy statistics can be accessed below.

Tourism statistics branch also publish statistics on Northern Ireland hotel occupancy. These statistics can be accessed below.

Self catering occupancy survey

The latest annual Northern Ireland Self Catering Occupancy Survey 2020 report was published on 7 October 2021.

Latest publication

The latest annual self catering occupancy survey publication including additional tables can be accessed below.

Self catering survey form

Please find below a downloadable version of the self catering survey form.

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