Information about Census 2021 statistics, and supporting materials.

Try our Flexible Table Builder to create your own custom Census 2021 tables. Data for new parliamentary constituencies just added.

Related statistics

Flexible Table Builder

Census 2021 Flexible Table Builder is live at

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Area explorer

We have updated our census area explorer to include more data for District Electoral Areas, Super Data Zones and Data Zones.

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Main statistics

Main Statistics (MS) tables provide summary statistics for the majority of census questions and topics.

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Population and household estimates

These first results from Census 2021 provide the usual resident population and number of households in Northern Ireland.

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Grid Square

Census 2021 Grid Square product provides basic census statistics for a combination of 1 kilometre and 100-metre grid squares in Northern Ireland.

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Commissioned outputs

Census 2021 commissioned outputs are produced in response to user requests.

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Census output geography

Understanding census statistical output geography.

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Quality notes, issues and corrections

Details of quality notes, issues, and corrections to published Census 2021 data.

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Revisions and corrections policy

Outlines the revisions and corrections policy for census outputs.

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