Statistics for the tourism industry in Northern Ireland.

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Annual and quarterly tourism statistics publications

The latest annual and quarterly tourism statistics for Northern Ireland.

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Early indicators

The latest monthly statistics on cruise ships, throughput at Northern Ireland ports and occupancy surveys can provide an early indication of how tourism is performing.

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External Overnight Trips to Northern Ireland

Latest figures for External Overnight Trips to Northern Ireland.

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Domestic tourism (Northern Ireland residents)

Statistics on Domestic tourism (Northern Ireland residents)

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Local government district tourism statistics

Local Government District Tourism Statistics for Northern Ireland

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Occupancy surveys

The monthly occupancy survey provides information on the occupancy rates and rooms and beds sold in Northern Ireland accommodation.

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Other tourism statistics

Tourism statistics branch also publish statistics on visits to visitor attractions and self catering accommodation occupancy. These can be accessed below.

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Tourism statistics - background and further information

Information on the background of tourism statistics and further information.

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Northern Ireland air passenger flow statistics

Air Passenger Flow includes information on the passenger throughput of local airports as well as information on Northern Ireland residents using airports in the Republic of Ireland.

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Tourism statistics user engagement

Minutes and details of user consultations and tourism consultations.

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Visitors to Ireland and Northern Ireland

'Visitors to Ireland and Northern Ireland 2014: A Statistical Profile of Tourism'.

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