Northern Ireland air passenger flow statistics

Air Passenger Flow includes information on the passenger throughput of local airports as well as information on Northern Ireland residents using airports in the Republic of Ireland.

***Update: 18/04/19 – As previously updated, the publication of the Quarterly Northern Ireland Tourism Statistics and Air Passenger Flow Publications have been on hold since October 18 due to delay in the provision of key data* for the publications.  This key data is provided by Central Statistics Office (CSO) in the Republic of Ireland and had been suspended due to concerns from CSO regarding the reliability of their estimates, pending an initial review.   After completing this review of their methodology, CSO noted some issues with the quality of the survey estimates and have been seeking to address these issues for the last few months. 

NISRA Tourism Statistics Branch have now received data from CSO and we are working with them to assess its quality by reviewing the methodology used as well as performing checks such as looking at past trends and comparing with other sources of information.  This process will take approximately 2-3 weeks and at that point we will be able to determine the suitability of the data to publish and update users accordingly. 

Whilst no release date can yet be confirmed, our hope is that we will be able to publish information again sometime in May or early June, depending on the outcome of the process outlined above. 

We apologise for this ongoing delay and will continue to keep users informed of any changes.

*The data from CSO provides information on residents from the Republic of Ireland taking overnight trips in Northern Ireland.  This information is an important part of the overall statistical picture of tourism in Northern Ireland. 


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