Annual and quarterly tourism statistics publications

The latest annual and quarterly tourism statistics for Northern Ireland.


Annual tourism statistics publications

In May 2017 after assessment by the Office for  Statistics Regulation this publication was awarded National Statistics accreditation. National Statistics status means that official statistics meet the highest standards of trustworthiness, quality and public value.

All official statistics should comply with all aspects of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. They are awarded National Statistics status following an assessment by the Office for Statistics Regulation. The Office for Statistics Regulation considers whether the statistics meet the highest standards of Code compliance, including the value they add to public decisions and debate.

The latest annual tourism statistics were published on 07 June 2018. The publication, which includes additional tables and infographics can be accessed at:

Quarterly tourism statistics publications

***Update: 05/02/19 - The Northern Ireland Tourism Statistics July 2017 - June 2018 publication was due for release on 1st November 2018.  After being notified of a delay in the key data provided by Central Statistics Office (CSO) in the Republic of Ireland, the release date was delayed. 

CSO have now informed us of a further delay following a thorough review of the survey data.  This review highlighted some issues with the quality of the survey estimates and CSO are now seeking to address these issues.  They are currently unable to provide a definite date when the data will be made available.  However, they are now hopeful to release all the remaining data for the 2018 calendar year at the start of April 2019.  Therefore it is still not possible to release the NI Tourism Statistics publication as planned and means that the next planned publication in the series (October 2017 – September 2018 estimates) will now also be delayed.

As we have no official date for when the data will be made available to us, we cannot currently confirm the exact release date of these publications. However, if the data from CSO is provided at the start of April as expected, we would be aiming to release NI tourism estimates (up to October 2017-September 2018) towards the end of April.  We will continue to keep users informed of any changes.

The data from CSO provides information on residents from the Republic of Ireland taking overnight stays in Northern Ireland.  This information is an important part of the overall statistical picture of tourism in Northern Ireland.  Once the data is received we plan to perform checks to ensure the data is of suitable quality and then prepare the data for publication, which will require approximately 3 weeks. 


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The latest quarterly tourism statistics were published on 23 August 2018. The publication tables can be accessed at:

Methodology Review

NISRA is currently undertaking a review of the methodology used for producing Domestic Tourism data.

This will include (but not limited to) analysis on the weighting methodology for domestic tourism data,  exploring the possibility of including data for children (aged under 16) in overnight trip outputs, and improving outlier analysis.

After the review has been conducted NISRA will publish an impact analysis on Domestic Tourism statistics; and assess the possibility of backdating previously published data.

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