People, Places and Culture

This theme covers statistics on people, their lifestyles and activities, the communities and neighbourhoods in which they live.

In addition, the theme covers statistics relating to people's language, and their culture and identity.

Related statistics

Culture and Arts Statistics

Statistics on engagement with the arts

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Good Relations

Good Relations, Together: Building a United Community, Racial Equality

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Heritage and Languages

Statistics on engagement with the arts and knowledge and use of Irish and Ulster-Scots and participation in Irish and Ulster-Scots culture and heritage.

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Factors associated with feeling lonely in Northern Ireland

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Personal Wellbeing

Personal (subjective) wellbeing includes estimates of life satisfaction, worthwhile, happiness and anxiety in Northern Ireland.


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Self-Efficacy, Locus of Control and Life Satisfaction.

NISRA Statisticians in the Executive Office provide figures for Northern Ireland on three metrics: Self-efficacy, Locus of Control and Life Satisfaction.

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Sports, Museums and Libraries

Statistical publications on participation in sport, attendance at museums and science centres and use of the public libraries service in Northern Ireland by adults and young people.

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