Births, Deaths and Marriages

Statistics on vital events (including births, deaths and marriages).

The Vital Statistics Team provide statistics on vital events registered by the General Register Office (GRO) for Northern Ireland; these include birth, stillbirth, marriage and death registrations. These statistics are important in providing information to support the delivery of public services and are used by the European Union and United Nations for international comparisons.

Finalised Annual Statistics on all these registrations and more are available from the Registrar General Annual Report.

Further provisional statistics for more recent years are available from the Registrar General Quarterly Tables.

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Our workplan for 2020/21 is available on our Vital Statistics documentation page.

Related statistics

User Requested Data

This section contains data produced in response to ad hoc requests.


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Vital Statistics Documentation

This page contains links to policy, guidance and data quality related documents that users may find useful.

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Adoptions and Re-Registrations

While Adoption registers are closed and therefore detailed information is not available, annual headline figures on adoptions and re-registrations of births are available in this section of the website.

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This section contains Births statistics from 1887 onwards and Baby Names statistics from 1997 onwards for Northern Ireland.

Summary births statistics are also available.

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Cause of Death

NISRA are involved in the production of a number of other reports relating to specific causes of death. Information on Alcohol deaths, Drug Related Deaths, Suicide, Excess Winter Mortality (EWM), Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAI) and Covid-19 Related Deaths are available here.

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Civil Partnerships

Summary statistics for Civil Partnerships and Civil Partnership Dissolutions are available in this section as well as links to other relevant outputs.

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This section contains Death and Infant Death statistics from 1887 onwards for Northern Ireland, as well as Stillbirth statistics from 1974 onwards.  Life Expectancy figures are also available here.

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Tables on the number of divorces granted each year in Northern Ireland are produced on an annual basis and are available in this section.

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This section contains data on the number of Marriages celebrated from 1887 onwards.

Please visit our summary marriages statistics page for headline marriages figures.

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Registrar General Annual Report

The Annual Report of the Registrar General provides finalised detailed demographic statistics for Northern Ireland.

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Registrar General Quarterly Report

The Registrar General Quarterly tables provide provisional statistics on births, deaths, stillbirths, marriages and civil partnerships for each 3-month period in Northern Ireland.


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Vital Statistics User Engagement

This page contains details on User Group Events, links to newsletters on recent and upcoming publications.

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Births, Deaths and Marriages

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