Cause of Death

NISRA are involved in the production of a number of other reports relating to specific causes of death. Links to these are provided below.

More detailed finalised statistics on death registrations in Northern Ireland, with details relating to causes such as malignant neoplasms, heart disease, suicide and accidents are available from the Death by cause Section of the Registrar General Annual Report.

Provisional cause of death statistics for more recent years are available from the Registrar General Quarterly Reports.

Related statistics

Alcohol and Drug Deaths

Alcohol deaths are defined as deaths which are directly related to alcohol. Drug deaths are split into drug related deaths and deaths due to drug misuse. The Tables include data on cause of death, gender, age group, geographical area and deprivation quintile.

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Healthcare-Associated Infection

On an annual basis NISRA produce detailed statistics relating to deaths from Healthcare-Associated Infections. Tables are produced for both Clostridium Difficile (C Diff) related deaths and MRSA related deaths and include age standarised mortality rates for these causes as well as information relating to age, gender, underlying cause of death and place of death.

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Excess Winter Mortality

The number of deaths can vary depending on the season and in particular tend to increase in the winter. This section presents Excess Winter Mortality: the difference between the actual number of winter deaths in the 4 month period December to March and the expected number of deaths.

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Suicide Deaths

Suicide statistics provide an indicator of mental health and are important for monitoring trends in deaths resulting from intentional (and probable) self-harm.

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