Excess Winter Mortality

The number of deaths can vary depending on the season and in particular tend to increase in the winter. This section presents Excess Winter Mortality: the difference between the actual number of winter deaths in the 4 month period December to March and the expected number of deaths.

The expected number of deaths is a 4 month average of the number of non-winter deaths: deaths in the two four month periods which precede winter (August to November) and follow winter (April to July). 

Announcement of Methodological Change

The next release of Excess Winter Mortality in Northern Ireland  is due for release on 21st October 2020.  Due to a need for further QA, this date was put  back from the original date of 13th October.  This release will take account of a methodological change and provide a back series for users.  Further details are available in the Announcement of Methodological Change note to user