This section contains links to annual Death and Infant Death statistics from 1887 onwards for Northern Ireland, as well as Stillbirth statistics from 1974 onwards.  

Provisional monthly totals of deaths registered, excess deaths and weekly death statistics are also available.

Provisional monthly totals of Stillbirths registered are also available.

The tables that accompany the Annual Report of the Registrar General have been reviewed and consolidated with the formerly, separately published annual summary tables for each topic area to produce a single, streamlined set of annual tables. Details of the changes made and where to find specific information in the newly revised tables are available in the RG tables lookup document.

Detailed finalised statistics on death registrations in Northern Ireland are available from the Deaths section of the Registrar General Annual Report.

Further provisional death statistics for more recent years are available from the Registrar General Quarterly Reports. Information relating to Life Expectancy and Cause of Death are also available.

Information on the quality of the data used to produce these outputs is available from the Northern Ireland Deaths Background Quality Report.

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Death Statistics

Statistics on deaths registered in Northern Ireland, including weekly death registrations and excess deaths.

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Stillbirths & Infant Deaths

Detailed finalised statistics on stillbirth and infant death registrations in Northern Ireland are available from the Stillbirths and Infant Deaths Section of the Registrar General Annual Report.

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Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is the most commonly used measure to describe the health of the population and provides a useful indicator of relative mortality. Such statistics can be used to inform policy, planning and research in both the public and private sectors in areas such as health, population, pensions and insurance.

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