Weekly death registrations in Northern Ireland

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in Northern Ireland in March 2020, NISRA have produced a weekly bulletin alongside detailed statistical tables.


Weekly Deaths Bulletin

The bulletins contain summary information and sub-national analysis on the number of deaths registered each week in Northern Ireland, and, specifically, the number of COVID-19 deaths registered each week.

Prior to 2020, there was no bulletin produced, but a weekly death total by age band is available from 2011.

Reporting from 10 June will consist of tables only. A bulletin will be produced where necessary depending on trends in deaths, and Covid-related deaths specifically, however it will cease to be produced on a weekly basis after 27 May 2022.


Latest Weekly Deaths Bulletin

weekly deaths dashboard containing some of the key weekly death statistics is also available.


Historical Documents

Weekly Death Bulletins 2020

Weekly Death Bulletins 2021

Weekly Death Bulletins 2022

Historical Deaths Data


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