This page contains weekly deaths bulletins from 2023

Production of a full bulletin, with a focus on Covid-19 related deaths, on a weekly basis ceased after 27 May 2022. Furthermore, statistical press notices on weekly deaths ceased after 26 August 2022. Production of the weekly deaths dashboard also ceased with the last release showing up to week ending 23 June 2023. Weekly death tables and summary statistics will continue to be available on the NISRA website as normal. A bulletin may be produced where necessary in future, depending on trends in deaths, and Covid-related deaths specifically.

Please note: The tables on this page are cumulative and cover all weeks for 2023.

ONS published a methodology paper on 20 February 2024 outlining the new, agreed model for estimating excess deaths along with data tables giving a back series of excess deaths data based on the new approach. ONS have also published a blog detailing the background to this work.
To supplement the ONS documents, NISRA produced a summary information paper on the change in methodology and the impact to NI excess deaths specifically. In addition, for user convenience, the NI specific data published by ONS has been extracted into separate tables and are available alongside the information paper. The extracted dataset contains the most up to date estimates of expected and excess deaths based on the old and new methods.