The census collects information every 10 years about people and households in Northern Ireland. It is used by central and local government, health authorities and many other organisations to plan and provide future services. 

The census rehearsal is coming to an end. Online sumbissions have now closed. You can still return your paper form to be counted. In doing so, you'll help us make sure Census 2021 runs smoothly and represents everyone. Find out more about the census

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2021 Census

Information on Northern Ireland's next census, including consultation plans.

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2011 Census

Information on the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland, including how to access the data and supporting documents.



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2001 and earlier censuses

This section relates to Northern Ireland census reports since 1926. Most publications were produced on paper and are only available online as a PDF document.

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History of the census

Information on background and history of census taking.

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