The Population Statistics Section within Census Branch (NISRA) provides accurate, timely, user friendly and easily accessible National Statistics relating to Population Estimates, Projections and Migration for Northern Ireland.

Population statistics are widely used in policy development in areas such as housing, healthcare and education, as well as being used to allocate public funds to the Northern Ireland Executive through the Barnett formula.

These statistics are also of interest to those involved in research & academia. They are widely used to express other statistics as a rate and thus enable comparisons across the United Kingdom and other countries.

Generally, population statistics are available disaggregated by age and sex with information also available for a wide range of administrative and statistical geographies.

Further information on the statistics that we produce is available within our main publications summary. Our 2022/23 work plan is available here.

For key statistics relating to population estimates, explore the population statistics dashboard.


Related statistics

Mid Year Population Estimates

Estimates of the population of Northern Ireland as of 30 June each year by age and sex.

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National Population Projections

Projected future population of Northern Ireland by age and sex

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Estimates of the Population Aged 85 and Over

Estimates of the population aged 85 and over in Northern Ireland, by age and sex

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Sub-National Population Projections

Projected future population for areas within Northern Ireland by age and sex

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Population Estimates for Small Geographical Areas

Estimates of the population for small geographical areas within Northern Ireland

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Household Projections

Projected future number of households in Northern Ireland by household type and size

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Long-Term International Migration Statistics

Estimates of long-term international migration for Northern Ireland

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Commissioned Data Requests

Listing of completed ad-hoc requests made by users of Population Statistics

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Data Sources

Information about the range of administrative data sources used in the production of population and migration statistics.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Information relating to the Population Statistics team’s engagement with its users/stakeholders.

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