Mid Year Population Estimates

Estimates of the population of Northern Ireland as of 30 June each year by age and sex.

Information notice

NISRA has today (24 May 2022) released the first round of 2021 census population and household estimates. The census population of Northern Ireland on 21 March 2021 was 1,903,100 people, which was 0.2 per cent higher than our 2020 mid-year population estimate rolled forward to March 2021 (1,898,600).

NISRA population statistics will now begin developing the 2021 mid-year population estimates for Northern Ireland and Local Government Districts using the most recent census results. These estimates will be published this Autumn.

Following the publication of the 2021 mid-year population estimates, we will then undertake a rebasing exercise to revise the population estimates time series from 2012 to 2020 in line with the most recent 2021 census population estimates. This exercise will be completed by Spring 2023.

Please note the current published estimates use the 2011 census as their base and will be subject to change following rebasing.