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Business Surveys for Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency

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The Quarterly Business Survey is a combined quarterly survey which collects data on employee jobs, turnover, exports and construction output from businesses in Northern Ireland. For further information regarding the various statistical outputs please follow the links below:

If you have received a survey form asking for information about your business, thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Examples of survey forms issued by NISRA can be found here.

Why do we need your help?

The statutory surveys which are issued to businesses in Northern Ireland are conducted under the Statistics of Trade and Employment (Northern Ireland) Order 1988 and are required to provide accurate information on the performance of the Northern Ireland economy.

How was my business selected?

Businesses are sampled from a directory of all businesses registered for VAT or PAYE in Northern Ireland.

Why was my business selected?

Representative samples are selected from the directory of all businesses to achieve results of suitable quality while minimising the burden on business.

Where a survey is necessary, efficient sampling procedures are adopted and in practice, this means that a greater share of the burden tends to fall on larger firms. However, information provided by smaller businesses is also necessary to provide a truly representative picture of the economy.

Why has my business been selected for several business surveys?
Individual business surveys are conducted independently and therefore it is possible for a business to be selected for more than one survey at any point in time.

What happens to the information I provide?

The results are widely used by government, the private sector and others to inform economic decision making and the information collected is invaluable in tracking the performance of the Northern Ireland economy.

Electronic data collection

All business surveys can be collected electronically using an “e-form” in line with the Department’s “Digital First” initiative. This helps ensure that online services are the primary means for citizens to interact with government and will further reduce the need to complete paper forms. If you are having difficulty submitting your eForm please refer to our troubleshooting advice.


Providing estimates

Please also note that for some financial surveys, careful estimates or copies of annual accounts are acceptable so please contact us using the details on the survey form should you wish to avail of this method of return.
NISRA is also pursuing legislative means by which to gain access to key administrative data sources held by HMRC such as VAT turnover and real-time PAYE information.

If you would like any more details please give us a call.

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