Construction output statistics

The construction output statistics are intended to provide a general measure of quarterly changes in the volume and value of construction output in NI.


Latest results - published 7th July 2022




  • The total volume of construction output decreased by 3.4% over the first quarter of 2022 and decreased by 4.1% over the year. However comparing the most recent four quarters to the previous four quarters showed an increase in output over the medium term (8.4%).
  • Construction output is 0.1% below the pre-Coronavirus pandemic level seen in Quarter 4 2019 but is 47.2% above the series low seen in Quarter 2 2020.
  • The annualised growth rate in construction output has increased for the fourth consecutive quarter in Quarter 1 2022. This follows five quarters of decline between Quarter 1 2020 and Quarter 1 2021.
  • The decrease in overall output in Quarter 1 2022 from the previous quarter was driven by decreases within both Repair and Maintenance (1.7%), and New Work (3.2%).
  • The decrease over the year to Quarter 1 2022 in construction output was also driven by decreases within both New Work (4.2%) and Repair and Maintenance (3.8%).
  • In Quarter 1 2022, both the Infrastructure (3.6%) and Housing (11.7%) subsectors decreased over the quarter and was offset by an increase within the Other Work (6.2%) subsector.

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Construction output statistics

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