Quarterly Employment Survey

The QES provides short-term employee jobs estimates for NI, which are then used by the ONS to feed into the calculation of the quarterly workforce jobs estimates for the UK as a whole.

Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) latest results were published 13th December 2017.

Latest results

  • The total number of employee jobs increased over the quarter (2,460 jobs) and over the year (11,600 jobs) to 752,040 in September 2017. Increases were experienced in the manufacturing, construction and services sectors over the year with the services sector accounting for the majority (71%) of the growth.
  • Private sector jobs increased over the quarter (0.5% or 2,740 jobs) and year (2.1% or 11,200 jobs) to their highest level since records began in 1974.
  • Public sector jobs decreased over the quarter and increased marginally over the year. There are now 22,350 fewer public sector jobs than the series peak in September 2009 (-10%).
  • Since the start of recovery in 2012 employee jobs have increased by 8.7% (59,950 jobs) with over three quarters of the increase occurring in the services sector. 



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