Quarterly Employment Survey

The QES provides short-term employee jobs estimates for NI, which are then used by the ONS to feed into the calculation of the quarterly workforce jobs estimates for the UK as a whole.


Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) latest results were published 14th June 2022.

The survey date for Quarter 1 was 28th February 2022.

Latest results

  • Latest estimates show the number of employee jobs reached a series high in March 2022 of 794,880. This was an increase of 11,470 jobs (+1.5%) over the quarter, 25,700 jobs (+3.3%) over the year compared to March 2021 and 16,290 jobs (+2.1%) when compared to March 2020. It should be noted that March 2021 was the low point in employee jobs over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic period. 
  • March 2022 estimates showed that employee jobs are now above the pre-pandemic December 2019 level (+1.9% or +14,510 jobs). 
  • March 2022 marked the fourth consecutive quarterly increase in employee jobs, following five previous quarters of decline. 
  • March 2022 marked the second quarter of annualized growth (+1.3%) in employee jobs following four previous quarters of decline. 
  • In the last five years, employee jobs have increased by 6.8% (+50,570 jobs). There has been an increase of 15.0% (+103,720 jobs) from the low in March 2012.
  • In March 2022 the services sector reached a new series high of 645,690 jobs, and the manufacturing sector reached a series high of 89,430 jobs.
  • Quarterly increases in employee jobs were seen within the services (+9,050 jobs), manufacturing (+2,370 jobs), and other industries (+140 jobs) sectors to March 2022. The construction industry reported a decrease over the quarter (-90 jobs). 
  • All four industry sectors increased over the year to March 2022, with the services (+21,440 jobs) and manufacturing (+3,750 jobs) showing the largest increases while the construction and other services industries showed smaller increases of +320 jobs and +190 jobs respectively.  
  • Private sector jobs reached a series high in March 2022. Private sector jobs increased over both the quarter (+1.7% or +9,540 jobs) and the year (+3.5% or +19,540 jobs) to 574,720 jobs in March 2022. Public sector jobs also increased over both the quarter (+0.8% or +1,770 jobs) and the year (+2.8% or +6,090 jobs) to 219,930 jobs in March 2022. 



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