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Latest Results (Quarter 4 2017) - Published 28th March 2018

Headline results:

  • The Northern Ireland Index of Production for Quarter 4 2017 was originally due to be published on 21st March 2018 but was delayed until 28th March 2018 to allow for further quality assurance checks
  • Provisional results from the Index of Production (IOP) for the fourth quarter (October-December) of 2017 showed that output in Northern Ireland (NI) grew by 0.9% over the quarter but fell 5.9% over the year (from a series high)
  • The annual decline in production output is driven by a substantial decline in the Food, Beverages and Tobacco sub sector (41.1%)
  • In the UK as a whole, production output rose over the quarter (0.5%) and year (2.3%)
  • When the most recent four quarters are compared to the previous four quarters, output in the NI production sector fell by 2.7%, with the whole of the UK reporting growth on this basis of 2.1%
  • The output from the overall production industries (seasonally adjusted) is 9.9% above the low point recorded in Quarter 3 (July-September) 2009

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