Business Register and Employment Survey

The Business Register and Employment Survey is a survey of businesses in Northern Ireland.

BRES 2021 Published 30th June 2022

  • Total employment in Northern Ireland in September 2021 was 823,672. The largest proportion of working owners was in Construction (6,112 or 14% of total Construction employment).

  • The total number of employee jobs in Northern Ireland in September 2021 was 792,626, an increase of 13,573 (1.7%) since September 2020.

  • The increase in employee jobs was mainly driven by growth in the Service industry (11,738 jobs) which was responsible for 86% of the total increase.

  • Construction jobs continued to grow with an increase of 0.8% (289 jobs) over the year to September 2021.  However, growth was lower than in the previous year (3.1%).

  • The Manufacturing sector increased by 1,312 jobs (1.5%) over the year to September 2021. Manufacturing jobs remain below 2019 levels. 

  • All district council areas in Northern Ireland saw an increase in employee jobs except for Antrim and Newtownabbey (2.2%) and Mid and East Antrim (1.7%) which saw a decline. Lisburn and Castlereagh experienced the largest percentage increase, with 2,212 (3.7%) additional jobs.

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