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Northern Ireland Annual Coal Inquiry

Published 28 February 2020Press release

Labour Market Report February 2020

Published 18 February 2020Press release


Published 11 February 2020News story

NISRA's first report on Loneliness

Published 06 February 2020News story

NI Economy & Labour Market - A summary of key statistics

Published 29 January 2020Press release

Northern Ireland Local Council Infographics

Published 29 January 2020News story

Labour Market Report January 2020

Published 21 January 2020Press release

Construction Output Statistics: Q3-2019

Published 16 January 2020Press release

NI Composite Economic Index: Q3-2019

Published 16 January 2020Press release

Broad Economy Sales and Exports Statistics 2018

Published 19 December 2019News story

Labour Market Report December 2019

Published 17 December 2019Press release

NI Annual Business Inquiry 2018

Published 29 November 2019Press release

Working and workless households in NI: July-September 2019

Published 27 November 2019News story

Research & Development Detailed Results: 2018

Published 21 November 2019Press release

Labour Market Report November 2019

Published 12 November 2019Press release

Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2019

Published 29 October 2019Press release

PPS publishes new statistical bulletin

Published 24 October 2019News story

Overview of Northern Ireland Trade with Great Britain

Published 23 October 2019News story