UK National Wellbeing Measures: Northern Ireland Data


The ‘Measuring National Wellbeing’ programme established by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) was launched in 2010 and sets out a range of measures, organised under 10 domains.  Further information on the ONS programme can be found at this link - ONS – Wellbeing.

Since the last update in July 2017 the Northern Ireland Civil Service has launched an Outcomes Delivery Plan which sets out the actions that departments intend to take during 2018-19.  This addresses the previous Executive’s objective of “Improving wellbeing for all – by tackling disadvantage and driving economic growth”.

The plan’s starting point is the wellbeing framework of 12 outcomes that was developed by the previous Executive, consulted on and refined during 2016-2017.   That framework reflects population conditions in the 12 key areas of economic and societal wellbeing that people said mattered most. 

The approach is based on progress towards these 12 outcomes being measured primarily through a series of population level indicators, with each outcome having a small set of supporting indicators.  The outcomes framework is the principal mechanism for assessing societal wellbeing in Northern Ireland. Latest data on the Outcomes Delivery Plan wellbeing framework is available at this link.

NISRA continues to participate in the ONS-led Measuring National Wellbeing programme.  This latest update of NI data is presented alongside UK data in the ‘wheel’ format used by ONS in previous reports.  Further information on each of the 10 ONS National Wellbeing domains is available through the links below.  These domain pages include  time series information (where data are available), brief commentary on the latest findings and links to key sources of statistical information where you can access further information.

NISRA is keen to receive your feedback.  Please forward any views or queries to Kim Gillespie (e-mail:

Latest Update

UK National Wellbeing Measures: Northern Ireland Data August 2018

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