UK National Wellbeing Measures: Northern Ireland Data July 2017

Date published: 20 July 2017


NISRA continues to participate in the ONS-led Measuring National Wellbeing programme.  The way in which we report NI updates to the programme remains under development.  The latest update of NI data is presented alongside UK data in a ‘wheel’ format that has been used by ONS in their previous reports, and although ONS has now replaced this graphic with a dashboard, we have decided to continue its use.  We have also shortened the latest update to include key information only; however we have expanded reporting through this website, with a separate page for each of the 10 domains.  These domain pages include (where data are available) time series information, some commentary on the latest findings and links to key sources of statistical information where you can get a more in-depth understanding of the area. 

We understand that this is a different format and are keen to hear any feedback you have.  Please forward any views or queries to Niall O’Neill (e-mail: niall.o'