Domain Overview: A fundamental part of the work of government is to support a better life for its citizens and help build strong and resilient communities which in turn may improve the wellbeing of individuals.

This was highlighted in the Office for National Statistics National Debate on Measuring National Wellbeing.

When people were asked what mattered most for the measurement of National Wellbeing, ‘Governance’ was one aspect that people considered important.

The 2 measures in the Governance domain are:

  • Voter turnout in UK General Elections
  • Those who have trust in national government

Governance charts

Latest findings

  • Data on the voter turnout in UK General Elections is sourced from the Electoral Commission.  In 2017 the turnout in Northern Ireland was 65% compared to 69% across the UK. This represents an increase in Northern Ireland from 58% in 2015.
  • In 2017, 34% of UK respondents to the Eurobarometer survey indicated that they had trust in national Government. In Northern Ireland data sourced from the NISRA Continuous Household Survey, indicates that 14% of respondents reported that they had trust in the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2017/18. These figures are not directly comparable.

Do you want to know more? – Office for National Statistics Wellbeing.

10 National Wellbeing Domains

Personal wellbeing          Our relationships           Health           What we do

             Where we live          Personal finance          The economy

Education and skills          Governance          The natural environment

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