The Economy

The economy is the set of activities related to the production and distribution of goods and services. Its performance will impact everyone financially and has a direct role in people’s material conditions, for example, housing, wealth, jobs and earnings.

The 3 measures in the Economy domain are:

  • Real net national disposable income per head – No NI Data Available
  • UK public sector net debt as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product – No NI Data Available
  • Inflation rate (as measured by CPIH) – No NI Data Available

Economy chart

Latest findings

  • The measures in the National Wellbeing Economy domain are only reported at a UK level.  In 2017, the real net national disposable income per head for the UK was £25,368, the UK public sector debt was 85.4% of Gross Domestic Product and the UK inflation rate, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers’ housing costs (CPIH), was 2.6%.
  • A broad range of statistics relating to the Northern Ireland economy can be accessed at NISRA’s Economic and Labour Market Statistics Branch.

Do you want to know more? – Office for National Statistics Wellbeing.

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