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Weekly Deaths Bulletin – week ending 15th January 2021

Published 22 January 2021News story

Weekly Deaths Bulletin – week ending 8th January 2021

Published 15 January 2021News story

Registrar General Annual Report 2019

Published 16 December 2020News story

Labour Market Report December 2020

Published 15 December 2020News story

Work Quality July 2019 – June 2020

Published 08 December 2020News story

Excess Winter Mortality: Provisional Statistics 2019/20

Published 18 November 2020News story

Registrar General Quarter 3 deaths registered

Published 18 November 2020News story

Covid-19 related deaths surpasses 1,000

Published 06 November 2020News story

PPS publishes annual statistics on sexual offences

Published 05 November 2020News story

Underemployment in Northern Ireland

Published 29 October 2020News story

Northern Ireland Annual Tourism Statistics 2019

Published 22 October 2020News story

PPS publishes annual statistical bulletin on hate crime

Published 24 September 2020News story

Young Persons’ Behaviour & Attitudes Survey 2019

Published 22 September 2020News story

Work Quality 2019

Published 09 September 2020News story

Working and workless households in NI: April-June 2020

Published 26 August 2020News story

Are you a user of NISRA statistics and data?

Published 20 August 2020News story

Update on NISRA Household Surveys

Published 22 July 2020News story