The tables containing data on deaths registered during the first week of 2024, up to and including week ending 5 January 2024, were released at 9.30am today.

Key points 

Date of registration

  • The provisional number of total deaths registered in Northern Ireland in the week ending 5 January 2024 (week 1) was 357. The number of deaths registered in week 1 was impacted by the New Year registration office holiday and may not reflect the number of deaths that occurred that week. Therefore, users should treat week 1 data with caution when making comparisons.
  • 16 deaths mentioning Covid-19 on the death certificate were registered in week 1 of 2024, eight more than the previous week (week 52, 2023).  These represented 4.5% of all deaths registered in that week.
  • For 2024, by 5 January, 48.7% of deaths were males and 51.3% were females.  Just over two-thirds (69.7%) of deaths were in the 75 years and over age group.
  • Of the 357 deaths registered in week 1,  164 (45.9%) took place in hospital, 72 (20.2%) in care homes and 121 (33.9%) at residential addresses, hospices, or other locations.


Date of death

  • The provisional number of deaths occurring in the week ending 5 January 2024 (including those registered up to and including 3 January 2024) was 248. 

Please note when comparing weeks, and years, that death registrations for week 1 can fluctuate due to registration office closures over the New Year.

The tables are available from the weekly deaths webpage.

From week one of 2024, NISRA Vital Statistics Unit will no longer publish weekly provisional data for occurrences of Covid-related deaths.

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