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The Labour Force Survey (LFS) is a quarterly sample survey carried out by interviewing people about their personal circumstances and work.

The Labour Force Survey latest results published 14th August 2018

Latest results

  • The latest NI seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for the period April-June 2018 was 3.8%. The unemployment rate increased by 0.6 pps over the quarter from a record low and decreased by 1.5 pps over the year (from 5.3%). The annual rate change was statistically significant, i.e. the recorded changes exceeded the variability expected from a sample survey of this size and would, therefore, likely reflect a real change.
  • The NI unemployment rate (3.8%) was below the UK average of 4.0% and was the fourth lowest rate of the UK regions (higher than the South West, South East and East). NI unemployment was lower than the European Union (7.0%) and the Republic of Ireland (5.3%) rates for May 2018.
  • Figures for April-June 2018 estimated that 63.1% of those unemployed in NI were long-term unemployed (i.e. unemployed for one year or more), compared to 26.7% in the UK.
  • The youth unemployment rate (those aged 18 to 24 years) for April-June 2018 was 9.4%, down 3.2 pps over the year. The UK average rate was 9.8%.
  • There was a decrease (0.4 pps) in the employment rate (69.3%) over the quarter and an increase (0.1 pps) over the year.  The change in the employment rate was not statistically significant over the quarter or the year.
  • The economic inactivity rate (27.9%) decreased over the quarter (0.1pps) and increased over the year (1.0 pps). The changes over the quarter and year were not statistically significant.

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