Draft PfG/ODP Indicators

Date published: 01 October 2020


The draft Programme for Government (PfG) framework is used as the basis for the Outcomes Delivery Plan (ODP).

The ODP sets out the actions that departments are taking to give effect to the previous Executive’s stated objectives of improving wellbeing - by tackling disadvantage and driving economic growth.

You can read about the Outcomes Delivery Plan on the TEO website.

The Labour Force Survey informs 6 Programme for Government/Outcomes Delivery Plan indicators.

The Economic and Labour Market Statistics Branch published the Labour Force Survey 2019 Annual Report in October 2020 online. It provides information on the current position (2019) of these 6 indicators at a Northern Ireland level, and their progress since the baseline year (2015).

A series of tables were also published online, at the Northern Ireland level and sub-population level, including LGD, urban/rural area, deprivation quintile, parliamentary constituency, age, sex, marital status, religion, disability, dependents and ethnicity (where available). These are available below.