Background Information - LFS

Date published: 02 August 2019

  • ELMS Publication Schedule
  • The LFS Summary Process Diagram is a high level process map showing the collect, process, analyse, disseminate and evaluate steps.
  • Labour Force Survey - Estimating and reporting uncertainty is a short guide explaining the use of confidence intervals and statistical significance in the monthly labour market report and how users can use the information to better understand estimated changes in labour market status.
  • Labour Force Survey - Background Quality Report 2019 is a report that provides users with an evidence based assessment of the quality of the statistical output from the NI Labour Force Survey.
  • Differences between the ILO unemployment and claimant count is a short paper detailing the definitional differences between the two measures of unemployment in Northern Ireland.
  • The reporting reliability in user requested data paper explains NISRA policy for highlighting lower quality estimates based on small numbers of respondents.
  • Impact of LFS Revisions - 2019 is an analysis of the impact that revisions (using the latest population estimates and projections, a review of seasonal adjustment and a boost to the Northern Ireland sample) of the LFS between June-August 2011 and October-December 2018 have had on headline estimates.
  • LFS revision note - October 2020 - due to the change to survey operations (from face-to-face interviewing to telephone interviewing)  due to COVID-19 results from the Labour Force Survey have been revised back to the January-March 2020 quarter. This short paper looks at the overall impact this revision has had on the headline labour market estimates
  • Estimates from January – March 2020 to February – April 2021 have been reweighted to include new population weights using PAYE Real-Time Information data.
  • Highest Qualification Level Methodology (October 2021) - following a review of the methodology, this paper provides more detail on the methodology to derive highest qualification levels from the LFS.