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Labour Market Statistics User Group 2020

Date: Wednesday 21st October, 10:00-11:00am

Location: Webinar

Summary: This meeting included an overview of recent and planned developments in labour market statistics and gave users an opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions on labour market outputs.

Labour Market User Group Agenda

  1. Introduction and overview of Labour Market Statistics Publication Cycle
  2. Labour Force Survey – impacts of COVID – data collection and outputs
  3. Experimental Claimant Count
  4. Earnings statistics – Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, HMRC Pay As You Earn data
  5. Question and Answers
  6. Business Register and Employment Survey
  7. Quarterly Employment Survey
  8. Redundancies and HMRC Furlough Statistics
  9. Question and Answers

The presentations given, a question and answer document and summary analysis of feedback given can be found at the following link:

Labour Market Statistics User Group 2020 documents


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