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Continuous Household Survey

This survey asks questions on a variety of topics, such as internet access, the environment, tourism, libraries, health, sport and education. The Survey is designed to provide a regular source of information on a wide range of issues relevant to Northern Ireland.

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Family Resources Survey

The Family Resources Survey (FRS) is a study of the living standards and circumstances of people living in the UK today, including Northern Ireland. The study provides vital information which helps the Government develop and monitor policies that help everyone.

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The Northern Ireland Safe Community Survey

The Northern Ireland Safe Community Survey (NISCS) is a representative, continuous, personal interview survey of the experiences and perceptions of crime throughout Northern Ireland.

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Health Survey Northern Ireland

The Health Survey Northern Ireland aims to provide a picture of the health of the Northern Ireland population. The information collected is used to monitor the extent to which Government health targets are being met, and to help authorities effectively plan local health services.

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Labour Force Survey

This survey asks people in Northern Ireland about employment, unemployment and economic activity.  It also covers a wide range of related topics such as income, qualifications, training and disability. Results from the Labour Force Survey feed into UK figures for economic activity and are compared to other European countries.

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The Northern Ireland Living Costs and Food Survey

The Living Costs and Food Survey (LCF) is the main source of information on the cost of living in Northern Ireland, which is needed to calculate the rate of inflation. It is also a valuable source of information on food consumption and nutrition.

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Survey on Living Conditions

The Survey on Living Conditions (SLC) is a UK-wide survey that collects information on household resources, housing, employment, education, pensions, health and well-being. 

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Travel Survey for Northern Ireland

The Travel Survey for Northern Ireland (TSNI) is the primary source of information on how people use different forms of transport. The survey influences government policy and measures performance in relation to transport and travel across Northern Ireland.

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Young Persons’ Behaviour & Attitudes Survey

A consortium of government departments commission a study on the behaviour and attitudes of young people in post-primary education in Northern Ireland. The Young Persons’ Behaviour and Attitudes Survey (YPBAS) is a school-based survey conducted among 11-16 year-olds.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Opinion Survey

To understand how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting life in Northern Ireland, NISRA has been collecting weekly information on people’s experiences and opinions relating to the pandemic. These results give an insight into how our personal, home and work lives are changing and what the impact is on our well-being and the communities in which we live.

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