Travel Survey for Northern Ireland

The Travel Survey for Northern Ireland (TSNI) is the primary source of information on how people use different forms of transport. The survey influences government policy and measures performance in relation to transport and travel across Northern Ireland.

Background information

It asks questions on how far people travel, how they travel, commuting to and from work, walking, journeys by car, train, bus and bicycle.

The survey covers the following topic areas:
Personal travel, how we travel, why we travel, vehicle mileage, bicycle ownership and access to public transport.

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The information leaflet explains all about the survey in detail and can be accessed here.

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The Travel Survey for Northern Ireland is required to provide a comprehensive picture of personal travel behaviour by people living in private households in Northern Ireland.  The sample is therefore designed to provide a representative sample of households in Northern Ireland. 

The sample for the Travel Survey consists of a systematic random sample of 1740 addresses selected from the Pointer Database. The Pointer Database is managed by Land & Property Services (LPS) and Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) with input from Royal Mail. This is the most up-to-date listing of private households and is made available to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency for research purposes.  People living in institutions (though not in private households in such institutions) are excluded.

A total of 145 addresses are selected for interview each month for the Travel Survey. Each member of each household is asked to provide information about journeys made in a pre-selected seven-day period, known as the Travel Week. 

The information for the survey is collected in the following stages:

  • A placement call where members of the household are asked a series of questions about household composition, type of vehicles, travel habits and use of public transport. 
  • A travel diary is left with each respondent to be completed during a selected "travel week".
  • Finally a pick-up call - our interviewer will then call at the address to pick up the completed diaries.


A copy of the questionnaire can be viewed at the following link:

Survey topics include:

Household information Availability of public transport
Bicycle access Number of household vehicles
Disability Satisfaction with local public transport
Driving license holding Employment, Occupation and Industry, Income
Place of work and travel to work Types of public transport tickets held
Cycling Make and model of Vehicle
Year of registration Engine size
Mileage Car usage for school, work and in course of work journeys

Results / Publications

Results from the Travel Survey for Northern Ireland are published by the Department for Regional Development (DRD), and can be found at the following link:


Further Information / Helpful Links

A report on UK Statistics Authority’s Assessment of compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics for the Travel Survey for Northern Ireland is available here.

A report on Transport governance and the management of car dependency in Belfast is available here



For more information of the Travel Survey for Northern Ireland please contact:

Maureen Stewart
Telephone: 02890 255112

For more information on the results from the Travel Survey for Northern Ireland please contact:

Central Statistics & Research Branch
Telephone: 028 9054 0800


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