Coronavirus (COVID-19) Opinion Survey

To understand how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting life in Northern Ireland, NISRA has been collecting weekly information on people’s experiences and opinions relating to the pandemic. These results give an insight into how our personal, home and work lives are changing and what the impact is on our well-being and the communities in which we live.

This survey is of importance, interest and relevance to every person in Northern Ireland. The results of this survey are very high profile.

Background information

The survey started on Mon 20 April 2020 and has been running continuously since. Currently we randomly select 1200 addresses each week to invite to take part in this survey. 

Received a letter?

A letter of invitation is sent out to households who have been selected to take part in this very important, one-off telephone survey.

Collecting the information we need for our studies is more important than ever, particularly as it will help medical experts and government understand the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on our lives.

Following current government advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) we will be carrying out this study by telephone, instead of face-to-face. If you have received a letter about this study, please call us in the next few days, to arrange a convenient time for our interviewer to call you back to conduct this short telephone study.

The leaflet explains more about the work that we do.


We will select one adult, aged 16 or over, from your address to take part. There are no right or wrong answers, we just want to hear what you think.

To reflect the importance we place on your help, we will give you a £20 voucher upon completion of the study. This can be exchanged for cash at any post office.

Sample voucher


The questionnaire has been changing every 4 weeks to reflect new areas of interest surrounding Coronavirus pandemic. 

Current topics include:

  • Access to medical care
  • Alcohol/Smoking
  • Coronavirus vaccine – have you received it? Any problems encountered?
  • Effect of Coronavirus on your life (work, education, family, finances, etc.)
  • Any diagnosis/symptoms of Coronavirus?
  • Long Covid
  • Contact with other people during Coronavirus pandemic
  • Wearing of Face Masks


The NISRA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Opinion Survey Key Findings includes links to the publication, data visualizations, report data tables (excel and csv), additional data tables and the technical report.

Previous publications and data tables are also available via this webpage.

For further details on results/publications, please contact:

Nicola Shiels
Telephone: 028 9025 5064

Jennifer Myers
Telephone: 07596 345033


For more information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Opinion Survey please contact:

Maureen Stewart
Telephone: 02890 255112