Survey on Living Conditions

The Survey on Living Conditions (SLC) is a UK-wide survey that collects information on household resources, housing, employment, education, pensions, health and well-being. 

 Details of the Survey

The SLC is a key source for measuring poverty and social exclusion. The information collected helps the government understand how different sections of society are managing, so that it can plan for the future, assess the effects of policy changes and measure the state of the economy.

Received a letter?

A letter is sent out to households who have been selected to take part in the survey to inform the residents that an interviewer will be calling at the address. The letter received by households is available in alternative languages here:

Our interviewers will present their official NISRA ID when they call.


Each year, 300 addresses are drawn from the NISRA Address Register (NAR). The NAR is developed within NISRA and is primarily based on the Land and Property Services (LPS) Pointer | nidirect database.

Interviews are spread equally throughout the year.  Respondents are followed across 6 years (or “waves”) and are interviewed once in each wave.


Questions are asked about many aspects of life including housing, health, employment, income and the cost of living.


The results will be used to monitor and inform policies aimed at combating poverty and social exclusion. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have overall responsibility for the UK SLC dataset.

A wide range of Government departments, charities and academic institutions use the data collected to monitor areas such as education, housing, and health.


Datasets up to 2018 are available on the Eurostat website. See Section 6.1 EU-SILC Datasets.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have also published datasets here.


For more information about the Survey on Living Conditions please contact:

Claire Cromie

028902 55104 

Advance letter and alt languages to be updated at later date.

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