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Employment in the Northern Ireland Civil Service - 1st April 2013

Published 05 June 2013Statistical reports

Changes to the Survey Control Methodology for 2012-13

Published 03 June 2013Corporate reports

Archive publications - Exporting Northern Ireland Services

Published 29 May 2013Statistical reports

Analysis of NICS Recruitment Competitions 2012

Published 23 May 2013Statistical reports

Transfer of NITB statistics to NISRA

Published 21 May 2013Statistical reports

NISRA Customer Satisfaction Survey 2012

Published 16 May 2013Statistical reports

NISRA Business Plan 2013-14

Published 01 May 2013Business plans

NISRA Customer Satisfaction Survey 2013

Published 30 April 2013Corporate reports

AccessNI Customer Survey 2013

Published 18 April 2013Statistical reports

Quality and revisions documents - IOS

Published 01 April 2013Support Material

2011 Census - Outputs Roadshow

Published 27 March 2013Support Material

Occupancy Survey - methodology

Published 25 March 2013Statistical reports

MRSA Deaths 2003-2013

Published 24 March 2013Statistical reports

CDiff Tables 2003-2013

Published 24 March 2013Statistical reports

QES background

Published 20 March 2013Statistical reports

Differences between the ILO unemployment and claimant count

Published 20 March 2013Statistical reports