Covid-19 Deaths and Equality - Wave One

Date published: 21 December 2021


This report provides analyses of equality group, health and socio-demographic characteristics of Covid-19 deaths in Northern Ireland in Wave One (March to September 2020). 


Revision note: Following release, an error was discovered in the calculation of age-standardized mortality rates (ASMRs) by disability status (Figure 4, page 13). As a result, six ASMRs have been affected for disabled people whose activities were ‘limited a little’ and ‘limited a lot’. Figure 4 has now been amended (Updated 7 February 2022, 3pm).

For both Covid-19 and non-Covid 19 deaths during the first wave of the pandemic in Northern Ireland, this research:

  • assesses socio-demographic and self-reported health associations;
  • calculates age-standardised mortality rates by self-reported disability and religion; and
  • undertakes statistical modelling to examine how Covid-19 mortality risk differs by (A) “disability” and (B) “religion/religion of upbringing”.