Weekly Death Statistics in Northern Ireland 2021

Date published: 12 March 2021


Weekly death registrations in Northern Ireland, 2021

This page contains weekly deaths bulletins from 2021

Latest Weekly Deaths bulletin

Week ending 16 April 2021

Week ending 9 April 2021

Week ending 2 April 2021

Week ending 26 March 2021

Week ending 19 March 2021

Week ending 12 March 2021

A dashboard containing some of the key weekly death statistics is also available.  Additional Information on Covid-19 related deaths are available in the following releases:


Breach of the Code of Practice for Statistics published on 12th March 2021: ‘Weekly Deaths for week ending 5th March 2021’ were live on the NISRA website at around 9.20am, thus prior to usual publication time of 9.30am. This is contrary to Practice T3.4 of the Code of Practice for Statistics and was due to a technical issue which is currently being investigated.



NOTE: NISRA did not release a full bulletin for the week ending 8th January as, given it was a new calendar year, more time was needed to liaise with other UK countries to decide how best to compare total deaths in 2021 with previous years.