Registrar General Quarterly Tables 2022 Quarter 3

Date published: 15 November 2022

The Quarter 3 (July to September) 2022 Registrar General Quarterly Tables were published this morning at 9.30am.

Key Points

  • The statistics show a provisional total of 4,076 deaths registered in Q3 of 2022.  Of this total, 117 (2.9%) deaths had Covid-19 as the underlying cause. This compares with 1,111 (27.3%) deaths due to cancer, 371 (9.1%) deaths due to Ischaemic heart disease, and 482 (11.8%) due to respiratory diseases (excluding Covid-19 deaths).
  • There were 54 deaths due to suicide (including events of undetermined intent) registered in Quarter 3 2022. This figure cannot be interpreted as the number of suicides occurring during Quarter 3 2022, however, due to the time delay in such deaths being investigated by the Coroner and subsequently being registered.
  • A total of 3,235 marriages were registered in Quarter 3 2022, and 7 civil partnerships. This compares with 3,706 marriages registered in Quarter 3 of 2021 and is more in line with pre Covid-19 numbers for the same period. Whereas civil partnership registrations for the same period each year shows a lot of variation, even pre-pandemic.
  • The number of births registered in Quarter 3 2022 was 5,353, which is continuing the slight downward trend observed before the pandemic.

Tables are available in Registrar General Quarterly Report.

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