Introduction to the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland, including information on the design, definitions and questionnaires.

Sample copies of the questionnaires used in the 2011 Census are available.

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Introduction to the planning required for the 2011 Census.

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Overview of the key elements of the statistical processing of the 2011 Census.

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Census Advisory Group

Overview of the Census Advisory Group for the 2011 Census, including a list of members and minutes.

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Information about user information events and consultations held for the 2011 Census, including presentations and reports.

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Outlines the legislation required to allow the Census to take place, including links to The Census Order and The Census Regulations.

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Policy documents

Includes links to the 2011 Census Proposals, Privacy Impact Assessment, Equality Impact Screening, Outputs Strategy and Revisions & Corrections Policy.

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Coverage and quality surveys

Introduction to the Census Coverage Survey, including links to the Quality Assurance Strategy and Quality Survey.

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UK harmonisation

Includes links to the National Statistician and Registrars General's Agreement.

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Independent security review

The UK Censuses constitute one of the most important data collection exercises undertaken by the UK Governments. Public confidence that personal census information will be securely handled is a vital ingredient for success.

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Special Assessment of the 2011 Censuses in the UK

Further information on the reviews carried out by the UK Statistics Authority to assess compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

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2009 Census Rehearsal

Further information on the planning and evaluation of the 2009 Census Rehearsal, including the rehearsal questionnaire.

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2007 Census Test

Further information on the planning and evaluation of the 2007 Census Test, including the test questionnaires.

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