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ELMS Publication Schedule

Published 02 December 2022Guidance literature

Economic Overview - Dashboard

Published 24 November 2022Statistical reports

NI Economy & Labour Market - A summary of key statistics

Published 18 October 2022Statistical reports

Claimant Count Tables

Published 16 August 2022Statistical reports

Redundancy Tables

Published 16 August 2022Statistical reports

Labour Market Statistics Newsletter - June 2022

Published 14 June 2022Circulars

Confirmed Redundancies - Trend Tables 2021

Published 15 February 2022Statistical reports

Redundancies background information

Published 19 October 2021Statistical reports

Labour Market Statistics Newsletter - June 2021

Published 11 June 2021Circulars

Labour Market - Table Lookup

Published 02 June 2021Support Material

Confirmed Redundancies - Trend Tables 2020

Published 26 January 2021Statistical reports

Redundancies - Historical Tables

Published 26 January 2021Support Material

Annual Report Tables 2019

Published 01 October 2020Support Material

DoF confidentiality statement

Published 02 July 2020Support Material

Self-employment in Northern Ireland 2019

Published 26 May 2020Statistical reports

ELMS Guide to surveys

Published 02 March 2020Support Material

Annual Report Tables 2018

Published 18 June 2019Support Material

Economic Inactivity in Northern Ireland 2018

Published 04 June 2019Statistical reports

Claimant Count revisions

Published 11 December 2018Statistical reports

Claimant Count Tables - July 2018

Published 14 August 2018Statistical reports