NI Economy & Labour Market - A summary of key statistics

Date published: 03 April 2024


This slide pack of key economic and labour market statistics has been sourced from the Agency’s Economic and Labour Market Statistics Branch (ELMS). The pack provides a high-level statistical summary of the Northern Ireland economy and labour market and should be considered in conjunction with the detailed supporting information and commentary that can be accessed via the various links and associated sources that have been highlighted.  

NISRA would like to extend its thanks to all those businesses and members of the general public who have responded to the various surveys that the Agency conducts.  The provision of these key Economic and Labour Market indicators would simply not be possible without your continued support and co-operation, which is very much appreciated.

In a business context, the data you provide are the raw materials that we need to produce these statistics.

The information really is vital and is actively:

- Informing the development of Government policies; and

- Guiding decision making on ‘real-life’ issues.