Table 4a of the routine release ‘Registrar General Quarterly Report, Q3 (Jul-Sept 2020)’ has been released in advance of the full suite of tables associated with the routine Registrar General Quarterly Report Q3.  The early release of Q3 cause of death statistics is to better meet user need.

Correction notice October 2020:  Following additional QA of the 2020 deaths database, some figures for Q2 have been updated as highlighted in the Tables. All figures remain provisional until publication in 2021 of the Registar General's Report for 2020.

NISRA are currently reviewing suicides.  NISRA recommends that until a course of action has been agreed, users should refer to  the sub-series relating to self-inflicted injury only (ICD-10 codes X60-X84, Y87.0).  See  Guidance Note to Users on Suicide Statistics in Northern Ireland  for further details.