Drug-Related and Drug-Misuse Deaths 2010-2020

Date published: 01 March 2022


The 2010-2020 edition of Drug-related and drug-misuse deaths contains a revised version of drug-misuse deaths which makes data for NI comparable with England and Wales. More information is available from the 2010-2020 report and the information paper on drug-related deaths.

Correction Notice 15 March 2022: The total number of deaths with a psychoactive substance mentioned on the death certificate in table 4a was corrected from 50 to 51 for 2020. Additionally the number of deaths where a benzodiazapine was mentioned on the death certificate was corrected from 91 to 100 for 2021. These revisions were limited to tables 4a (numbers) and 4b (percentages), all mentions in the report were correct.