NISRA releases updated Deprivation Measures for Northern Ireland

Date published: 23 November 2017

Updated Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measures were released today by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). The measures, known as NIMDM 2017, were informed through public consultation and provide a mechanism for ranking the 890 Super Output areas (SOAs) in Northern Ireland from the most deprived (rank 1) to the least deprived (rank 890).

They include ranks of the areas for each of 7 distinct types (or domains) of deprivation, which have been combined to produce an overall multiple deprivation measure (MDM) rank of the areas. The MDM ranks of the areas should be considered in conjunction with those for each of the 7 domains in order to gain a comprehensive picture of deprivation.

Full results are available here:

Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure 2017 (NIMDM2017)

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