Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure 2017 (NIMDM2017)

Measures that describe the spatial distribution of deprivation or disadvantage have been developed and used by Government and others in Northern Ireland since the 1970s. They have played a pivotal role in both informing the targeting of resources to the most deprived areas in Northern Ireland and monitoring the spatial impact of policy interventions.

NISRA has recently been commissioned to initiate work to update the Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure 2010 (NIMDM 2010), with a view to the updated results being published in November 2017. Until then, the NIMDM2010 remains the official measure.

Proposals for the Updated Multiple Deprivation Measures (NIMDM2017)

The consultation on the Proposals for the Updated Multiple Deprivation Measures (NIMDM2017) has now closed. 

Overview of the Planned Work

Given the National Statistics status of the NIMDM, the work will be advanced 'in house' by NISRA statisticians in accordance with the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice for Official Statistics. It will be overseen by a cross-Departmental/organisation Steering group chaired by NISRA's Director of Analysis.

Key stakeholders will be actively encourage to engage with the work in order to ensure that the update is comprehensive and that collective ownership is secured for the outcome. Avenues for engagement will include participation in the Steering Group, Domain Expert Groups and public consultation events.

NIMDM 2017 User Engagement Strategy

The work on NIMDM 2010 resulted in some 36 recommendations. Active consideration of all of these recommendations will be a key component of the update.

NIMDM Workplan

Consultation on Output Geography for Deprivation

The purpose of this consultation was to consider the options for the geographical levels, for which the Updated Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure (NIMDM 2017) will be produced and published. The consultation ran from 10th February to 4th May 2016.

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