Construction Output Statistics: Q2-2021

Date published: 30 September 2021

This statistical bulletin provides users with the latest estimates of construction output carried out in Northern Ireland for Q2-2021. It excludes work carried out by Northern Ireland Construction firms in other parts of the UK or elsewhere.

Throughout Quarter 2 2021, businesses in Northern Ireland continued to be  subject to a number of restrictions which impacted on their ability to operate, although the majority of construction work was unaffected.


  • The total volume of construction output in the second quarter of 2021 increased by 0.6% over the quarter, by 53.2% over the year and by 12.0% on a rolling four quarter basis. Construction output is 3.8% above the pre-Coronavirus pandemic level seen in Quarter 4 2019.
  • Construction output has seen an increase within the annualised growth rate in Quarter 2 2021 after five consecutive quarters of decline.
  • The increase in overall output in Quarter 2 2021 from the previous quarter was driven by an increase in New Work (+3.9%) slightly offset by a decrease within Repair and Maintenance (-3.7%).
  • In Quarter 2 2021, both the Housing (-0.9%) and Other Work (-2.0%) sub-sectors showed a decrease when compared with the previous quarter, this was offset by a 12.8% increase in Infrastructure over the quarter. Infrastructure has reached a series high in Quarter 2 2021.
  • Despite fluctuations the volume of Other Work has been on a downward trend since Quarter 4 2017, however within Quarter 2 2021 Other Work saw an increase within the annualised growth rate after 12 consecutive quarters of decline.
  • All estimates are compared to the revised Quarter 1 2021 and Quarter 2 2020 estimates. Note that Quarter 2 2020 was the height of the coronavirus restrictions and, as a result, most QCE series were at a series low. Where possible a comparison against the pre-pandemic value of Quarter 4 2019 is also provided for context.

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