2017 Census Test

Date published: 18 September 2017


NISRA is currently carrying out a test in preparation for the next census in 2021. We need to assess a range of elements planned for the 2021 questionnaire to ensure that it asks the right questions.

Getting started

If you have received a letter, you can take part in the 2017 Census Test:

• select Start Questionnaire
• enter your unique online access code
• complete the questions


NISRA have sent paper questionnaires to households to ask them again to take part in the Census Test. People who get one of those can either use the paper copy or go online to fill it in. If you’ve already completed your questionnaire, thank you - please disregard these reminders.

Further information

The Census Test is taking place across 15,000 randomly-selected addresses in Northern Ireland. If you’re invited to take part, please do so as it’s an exciting opportunity to shape the future of the census.

Taking part in this test will directly influence the design of the 2021 Census. The Census Test questionnaire should only take about five minutes per person to complete.


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