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The quarterly NI IOS Statistics Bulletin presents the latest seasonally adjusted estimates from the NI Index of Services.

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Latest Results (Quarter 3 2020) - Published 17th December 2020

Headline Results

  • Services output in NI saw a quarterly increase of 22.5% in Quarter 3 2020, and a decrease of 3.9% over the year. This follows respective decreases of 18.0% and 22.8% over the quarter and the year to Quarter 2 2020.
  • UK IOS output experienced a smaller increase over the quarter (14.2%), with a larger decrease over the year (10.0%). This follows decreases of 19.3% and 20.8% respectively over both the quarter and the year to Quarter 2 2020.
  • When the most recent four quarters are compared to the previous four quarters the NI services sector decreased by 8.3% whilst the UK services sector decreased by 7.8%.
  • NI services output is 5.4% lower than the highest point (Quarter 2 2019) in the past ten years, and is 7.0% lower than the highest point (Quarter 4 2006) since the series began.
  • The quarterly change to Quarter 3 2020 is the largest quarterly change in the history of the NI IOS. This follows a decrease of 18.0% in Quarter 2 2020, which at the time had been the largest change seen in the NI IOS. Quarter 2 2020 was the lowest point in the NI IOS since the series began.
  • The annual decrease to Quarter 3 2020 (3.9%) was the fourth successive annual decrease in the NI series. This followed seven successive quarters of annual growth in the NI index between Quarter 1 2018 and Quarter 3 2019.

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