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This page provides useful links to boundary maps on OpenDataNI, online maps from the Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI), and image files and interactive maps on the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service (NINIS) website.

Open Data NI

Some boundary maps are made Open Data available as open formats at the OpenDataNI portal. This portal has been developed as part of the Digital NI initiative. Digital NI aims to help establish a culture within Northern Ireland that develops and enhances Digital capability not just through interactions with Government, but also with local companies and throughout communities. Within government the Digital Transformation Service is facilitating this cultural shift through a number of methods, transforming Government services, making data open and available and encouraging and coaching those who lack digital skills.


Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) have created an online map showing both administrative and statistical boundaries.

However, If you require digital boundaries for Local Government Districts, Electoral Wards (1984 and 1992) or Parliamentary Constituencies, contact OSNI on telephone: +44(0)2890 255755 or email: Administrative boundary maps can be purchased from the OSNI website or images downloaded free.


The Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service (NINIS) website holds other geography based information. Image files of maps for Health and Social Care Trusts,  Local Government Districts,  Assembly Areas,  Electoral Wards,  Super Output Areas and 2001 Census Output Areas can be downloaded from the NINIS maps page.  Locational information, such as hospitals, libraries and bus stations can be downloaded from the NINIS Statistics page. A range of look-up tables are available on the NINIS website under the 'People and Places' theme.

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